Liver Sourcing

Promethera has a certified GMP manufacturing facility of 7500 sq ft, based in Durham, NC, US. This operation works closely with the U.S. Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO) to obtain healthy, non-transplantable human livers. The Promethera US manufacturing facilities are in compliance with both U.S. and EU GMP regulations. 


The Gift of Life

Organ transplantation is one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine.  But despite the continuing advances in medicine and technology, the need for organs and tissue is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation.

Transplantation gives hope to thousands of people with organ failure and provides many others with active and renewed lives.  By becoming an organ donor, you have the power to save lives.

Promethera Biosciences LLC is highly active in the field of organ donation and transplantation as this is in line with our strategy to help people with disease.  Promethera LLC utilizes donated livers which are not suitable for liver transplantation and subsequently recovers high quality liver cells derived from this gift. The cells are then transplanted into patients with liver diseases.  With Promethera LLC’s recovery process, we are able to treat multiple patients from one donated liver and extend the use of this Gift of Life to as many patients as possible. 

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Making a liver referral

For liver referrals, please dial our call center at 1-877-433-1916

Promethera Organ Procurement Organization Department (OPO)

OPO network in the US

To facilitate clinical trials, as well as commercialization and manufacturing, Promethera has developed partnerships with a network of organ procurement organizations.  Promethera already has developed agreements and outstanding relationships with over 90% of the OPOs in the US to obtain livers for our therapeutic programs.  These partnerships enable Promethera to maintain the highest standard in characteristics and quality of the livers to be accepted for liver cell isolation for our therapeutic programs. The manufacturing team assembled at Promethera has processed in excess of 1,000 livers to date. This represents unrivalled experience in the industry.  

Research Organ Allocation Program

In order to facilitate lifesaving research, which is a goal of each OPO partner, Promethera Biosciences LLC is now helping to place other organs offered for research  with multiple research entities throughout the US.

The Promethera Research Organ Allocation Program  for researcher partners is a critical part of the operation. As a result, Promethera has put in place a fully integrated system for safely providing human organs for research. This includes a thorough researcher vetting protocol to assure all researchers meet OPO ethical standards, mission, and regulatory objectives.

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