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Promethera® Biosciences has signed several research and collaborative agreements with industrial or academic partners:


Academic Partners:

Promethera® Biosciences has entered into a research agreement (Partenariat Public-Privé partially funded by the Walloon Region) with Université Catholique de Louvain and the Pediatric Hepatology and Cell Therapy Laboratory on Fulminant Hepatitis and Liver Fibrosis.


Promethera® Biosciences has signed a research agreement, within the InterReg framework, with the University of Hasselt and Biomed on biomarkers of the Promethera®HepaStem product.


In 2011, Promethera entered a collaboration with the CER groupe in order to evaluate and optimize the injection scheme of Promethera®HepaStem in animal models. This research project in partially funded by the Walloon Region.



Collaborative Projects:

Promethera® Biosciences is coordinator of a Collaborative project called "ValoStem" which received labelization from the Pôle de Competitivité BioWin. This project started in January 2010 and regroups Academic partners (Faculté Notre Dame de la Paix Namur, Université Catholique de Louvain) and Indusdrial Partners (UCB pharma and Promethera Biosciences). The objective is the development of the HepaScreen product.


Industrial partnerships:

In addition to the collaboration with UCB within the frame of the ValoStem project, Promethera Biosciences has started collaboration with Artelis-ATMI for the development of innovative manufacturing processes.


Promethera® Biosciences also received funding from:

The Walloon Region (DGO6) in the mean of conditional loans to perform the clinical studies of phase I/II with HepaStem.

L'agence Wallonne de l'Exportation (AWEX) for the international development of Promethera Biosciences






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